About Us
Rockers Movement is a collective designed to enable change and create solutions. Derived from the 1978 film 'Rockers', this movement started with an obligation to do something for the greater good, and to affect people positively. We do this by raising awareness and sharing knowledge, through the arts. We present creative experiences for all to come together and create a lasting change. Our goal is to highlight conscious artistry to promote positive activism. The ways in which we can have a positive effect are limitless. By working together we transform communities, our environment and ourselves. The social consciousness aspect of the arts, the language of the people, has helped us to bring together like-minded, cool, and positive people who are actually making an impact. Join us in social, cultural, and intellectual exchange, be a part of the how and why. We Are Rockers! - See more at: http://rockersmovement.com/#sthash.BSs5hPEt.dpuf