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Monday at 12:46PM on March 14, 2011

Ah mysteries, sweet spice of life.  Who couldn’t use some mystery to liven up the ol’ daily routines now and again?  For all you party people champing at the bit for a good place to let loose, here’s a real sweet mystery for you to chew over—Motive Media’s upcoming 4th Annual 420 Festival.  Now the clues for the Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys out there comes out to something like this: 1) Date happening = April 23rd, 2) Location = Oak Canyon Park at Lake Irvine, 3) if last year’s 420 Festival was any indicator (think armies of world class talent, eye-popping visuals, mind-blowing performances, carnival rides and 110% satisfaction rippling through the massive crowds of hot, fun peeps), this year’s 4th anniversary party will be off the heezy along the same lines of über-awesomeness. The talent line-up is shrouded in mystery and rampant speculation but mystery leads to anticipation and rightly so in this case.  In terms of conclusions, the only one you need to draw for the time being is that April’s going to dish up a night heaping with fun and you’d be a serious sap to miss out.  So nab some tickets now and check back as the talent rolls out in the grand reveal.


More to come …