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Red Bull North America - West  tickets
Red Bull North America - West

Clash Of The Titans 

Monday at 4:08AM on February 21, 2011

Ever have one of those “but X is better than Y” sort of conversations with someone? The sort of conversation that involves two completely different things that end up getting pitted against each other? Whether it’s apples vs. oranges or Mac vs. PC, sides are taken, lines drawn and loyalties divided into a laundry list of merits highlighted with as many what-if scenarios as either side can think up to one-up the opposition. At the end of the day, no one really wins but it can be pretty darn entertaining to hash the thing out.  Red Bull took the idea further and gave it wings—bring together two artists of very different genres and let them duke it out in front of a live audience. Rather than highlighting their differences though, the point is to celebrate each artist’s specialties and throw down a challenge for their versatility by a series of tasks created to test their musical chops. And so, the SoundClash concert series was born.


This March 12th, SoundClash brings together Cee Lo Green and The Ting Tings in Las Vegas across the street from Luxor. It’s pretty genius if you think about it. Cee Lo and the Ting Tings will have the opportunity to do covers of the same song, then perform a song from each other together, attempt to perform some more songs in three completely different styles (i.e. country and reggae), and then bring on a special guest of their choosing to perform together with. Two stages are set up at opposite ends of the venue and the audience is sandwiched in the middle to hear both sides as they face off. If this sort of innovative musical extravaganza doesn’t have you mincing your way over to the ticket office, then the seriously budget presale prices should do the trick. Either way, you’re going to see two great performers have some rare fun together and sweat it out a bit. What’s not to like?