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Dash And Dance 

Thursday at 5:07PM on February 17, 2011

Get the feeling that more and more stuff seems to be hitting the fan?  For every nice thing out there there’s like another three Debbie Downers lurking around the corners to bring you down.  At least, that’s what it seems like. Used to be that the future was filled with hope and now it’s mired in uncertainty of a most unsettling sort. We spend more time worrying about what upheavals are in store and in the process, kind of forget how to have fun sometimes.  Dash Berlin understands.


But Dash Berlin is also not an outfit prone to giving up so easily.  Fronted by DJ Jeff X. Sutorius of The Hague, Netherlands with good friends and fellow producers Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn, Dash Berlin is a mini trance revolution unto itself.  The Dash Berlin sound is at once dazzlingly futuristic yet moving and deeply visceral.  While Sutorious is a strong believer of social awareness, celebrating life is something he does best with his music.  In a highly competitive industry, Dash Berlin is hardworking young blood hell bent on helping people remember how to have a good time.  Championing imagination, inspiration and a humble appreciation for people, the results of his labors speak for themselves in a massive and loyal fanbase coupled with an impressive multimedia presence. And of course, the music itself is fantastically uplifting.


This March 18th, Motive Media presents DJ Mag’s current number 15 of its Top 100 DJs, Dash Berlin, at the Grove of Anaheim.  Come experience the optimistic promise of one of today’s best DJs in the world and rediscover that lost sense of fun.  Better times are around the corner.