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L.A. Gets HARD 

Thursday at 2:11PM on February 17, 2011

Some months have all the luck. Holidays, birthdays, celebrations, annual events—you name it, that month’s got it.  One lucky son of a gun is the month of March.  With Mardi Gras, daylight savings time, St. Patrick’s Day, and the first day of spring line up like so many ducks in a row (not to mention Pi Day for all you fans of mathematical constants), March is a month that’s got a little something for everyone.  And as if that weren’t enough, this 2011, March adds HARD Weekend to its already enviable roster of things that rock our world.


What better way to wave goodbye to winter than with your head turned forward and looking to make the most of the coming balmy breezes and lighter days than raging to the pounding sounds of some righteous beats while dancing up a sweat storm?  If anyone can come up with a more stellar alternative, do please share. In the meantime, Hard Weekend hits the west coast this March 12th at L.A.’s very own Club Nokia and promises of a wildly fantastic night are as abundant as the sound of squees heard in a pet store fully stocked with rambunctious kittens in the midst of play.


With a line up boasting of Simian Mobile Disco, Fake Blood, Destructo, The Juan Maclean, Mumbai Science, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Egyptrixx, and Blondes, how could the night not be a total blast?  No time to go soft this coming March. HARD Los Angeles will keep you on your toes.