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SWEET CITY L.A. tickets


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Sweet Street 

Monday at 5:35PM on May 18, 2009

Sweet City LA has the kind of rep a thousand promoters the world ‘round would kill for. They’re reliable, state-of-the-art, forward-thinking, consumer-conscious, kid-friendly, market-proven; in short, they’re rad. And the time has come for them to drop their annual dance music piñata on the Angeleno populace and the 2009’s magic date is Sunday, May 24th, which falls, oh so wisely, right on Memorial Day weekend, meaning there is no work or school or other annoying activity forcing you to go to bed at a reasonable hour. It’s being hosted by The Oasis Event Center in downtown Los Angeles, with the talent spread across two huge dancefloors, plus the usual perks like outside patios, Playstation 2 video screens, vendor villages, live painting and art, fancy sound and lights (by Bass Station). Revive your sweet tooth please.

In the world of fly-by-night, under-the-mainstream-radar dance parties, most matters are somewhat TBA until the actual day of rolls around, but at least for right now, here are the confirmed performers. Try not to drool: Doc Martin, Eli Smith, Trajikk, Dragon, Subflo, DJ Item 7, Boo Yeah Club, Otis Whiterock, DJ Alexander, Audrey Napoleon, J'Sin, DJ Sequencer, Disk Jo Slim, and Tigger.

Most club cruisers’ ears perk up at the words ‘Doc Martin,’ because his name is virtually synonymous with transcendent, dance-till-dawn love parties, and Sweet City LA will be no exception. The San Francisco turntable wizard first floated into the public eye in the early 90s, and since arriving he’s never once left. If anything his appeal only continues to broaden and conquer ever more outlying territories (the man travels more than many jet pilots). Factor in the presence of Dragon and Trajikk, two of Denver’s most beloved scene-supporters, and you have a truly Sweet evening/morning. Savor it.