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To Wonderland And Beyond 

Monday at 12:51PM on January 24, 2011

Come March, if you find yourself bored stiff or possibly near tears dripping with ennui, take a long, hard look around you because escape is closer than you think.  What with all the So Cal traffic you might not find a harried, timepiece toting white rabbit skirting cars to lead the way but the rabbit hole is waiting there all the same.  Dry those tears of boredom and skip over to the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino because Insomniac has done it yet again.  For those of you in search of adventure, step into the labyrinth of marvels that is Beyond Wonderland.


Seekers and explorers of the enigmatic delights buried deep in the twisted paths of imagination’s forests have known for years of this cryptic wormhole to one of Insomniac’s best and most exquisitely whimsical events to date.  Conceived as a sister festival to the wildly popular Nocturnal Festival, Beyond Wonderland explores new ground to fresh experiences and deviates to find untrodden paths through the multi-faceted enchantments of the nighttime forest.


This March 19th, for one night only a magica1 realm unfolds with an entirely new terrain waiting to be discovered.  Flit through the Madhatter’s Castle, make a curtsey at the Queen’s Domain, or wander through the Caterpillar Garden before contemplating the strategic plays at Chess Village.  World class DJs pepper the massive themed areas with their quixotic sounds as adventurers burrow through the mysteries of the night.  Don’t miss out.  You’d be mad as a March hare if you miss this foray Beyond Wonderland.