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Lovin' On A Groovy Thing 

Monday at 2:14PM on January 03, 2011

More likely than not, if you’ve kicked it around here or there, somewhere along the line, you’ve encountered the words, “They grow up so fast!” in regards to how kids shoot up out of nowhere and transmogrify from stumbling, fat-kneed tykes to sullen spotted teens seemingly overnight.  Though not so visually exemplary, time does the exact thing in that it zips by much quicker than you realize and before you know it, big anniversaries and celebrations are rolling their way around. Likesay Motive Media’s Love Groove as it pirouettes into 2011 this February 19th for its 10th Anniversary.


Taking over the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds with four mammoth expo halls to serve up a giant heap o’ lovin’ and head-wagging beats, the 10th Annual Love Groove 2011 dishes up a line up to set your heart palpitations sky-rocketing in turbo overdrive.  DJ Dan, LA Riots, Plastician, Sound of Stereo, Arty, Alex Kenji, Thomas Gold, Liquid Stranger, Will Bailey, Tritonal, Vaski, Fukkk Offf, Jelo, Phil York, Fausto are only a taste of what’s in store with yet to be announced talent moving the night.  Parties come and parties go but Love Groove is here to celebrate another year of love, music, unity and dance-fueled good times.  Dig up some comfy shoes, a saucy outfit, that burning passion for cutting loose and an appetite for getting down with like-minded peeps out for an incredible night of groovin’ tunes.  February may be the month for Valentine’s Day, but cards, chocolate and candlelit dinners have nothing over feeling the love for a long-standing anniversary.