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LA & OCs TOP Promoters Present

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An Epic End Of Year 

Wednesday at 1:59PM on December 08, 2010

If you’ve been holding your breath all through this past year, it’s about time to let it all out in a windy sigh (hopefully one of relief and/or contentment) that, at last, you’ve made it through this installment of 365 days that has threaded up and down in breakneck speed like a colossal thrill ride at Six Flags.


And, if you’re also the sort who never does things by halves, ten to one says celebrations are consistent with this creed and you wouldn’t be caught dead at a well-behaved fondue party waiting for the cheese to bubble in the standard issue pot as you count down the minutes to the grand wrap up of the year.  Well buddy, you’re in luck.  Living up to its rep as one of the Top 25 nightclubs in the good ol’ US of A, Vanguard Hollywood didn’t get to where it’s at hosting quilting circles serving tea and cookies.  And keeping in character, this New Year’s Eve it’s rolling out their 4th Annual Epic NYE 2011 party to ring in the New Year with a mammoth dose of hoopla and fanfare.


This December 31st, coast through the transition between 2010 and ‘11 on a tidal wave of bubbly (open bar for VIP peeps yo!) and hot, hot, hot music served up by DJ Skream of Latino 96.3, Inferno of Power 106, and DJ Coolwhip to the sensuous gyrations of go-go girls Sylvia Daniels, Tanya Love, and Tara Love at the Vanguard.  Muscle your way through and get your tickets pronto less you be left high and dry with no one to kiss and toast besides your cat Whiskers when the clock hits midnight. Epic festivities or whiskered kisses?  The decision practically makes itself.