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HARD Year's Night 

Monday at 12:53PM on November 29, 2010

So it has come to pass that another year has hurtled by between blinks, and likely another Thanksgiving survived intact despite nuking the marshmallow-crusted yams and questionable experiments with Turducken.  Inevitably, this signals the time has come to find a spiffy smelling evergreen to dress up about the apartment and more importantly, that the year’s most anticipated excuse to party is inching closer by the day.  If you guessed New Year’s Eve is on the horizon, a career as fortune-telling Magic 8-Ball could be your calling.


What with all the ham, pies and hot buttered rum that have been put away, a hot session of hard dancing could only give your digestion a much needed boost and help you steer clear of premature hibernation.  Come Friday, December 31st, HARD Events hails the return of HARD NYE to start the New Year off on the right track—that is, the track to hard-hitting, hand-picked dance music that only HARD can bring.


Taking place at The Music Box in Hollywood, this year’s edition of HARD NYE dishes up another round of EDM’s crème de la crème with the springy beats of Mr. Oizo, Brodinski, DJ Falcon, Congorock, Harvard Bass, Destructo, Mike Messex and Sean Perry divvied up between a main stage and Funk Room.  Tickets are super-limited and guaranteed to go lightening fast so skedaddling to get yours ASAP is highly recommended.  Gear up to ring in the New Year with some choice beats and HARD partying. Believe you me, your pants will thank you.