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BAMP Project tickets
BAMP Project

Sublime Intervention 

Tuesday at 9:00PM on November 02, 2010

Triskaidekaphobia—that’s nerd shorthand for the phobiaof number 13—gives the number 13 something of a bad rap.  Thirteen isn’t all that bad.  At least the Italians don’t think so.  And if luck would have it, neither would Kaka’ako Beach Park Amphitheater if they can help it.  The reason?  This November 19th, thanks to BAMP Project, the rolling lawns of Kaka’ako Beach Park Amphitheater welcomes Sublime with Rome to its breathtaking grounds after the band’s 13 year hiatus.


After the heartbreaking death of frontman Brad Nowell over a decade ago, Sublime went into hiding and finally, after 13 years of waiting by eager fans, are finally back to celebrate their past and start a new future.  Rising from the ashes, the band is now Sublime with Rome, with Rome Ramirez on lead vocals plus guitar with founding members Bud Gaugh still drumming up a storm and Eric Wilson belting out the bass.  What better setting than lush and beautiful Hawaii to pay tribute to one of modern music’s most well-loved ska-punk bands ever to grace the ears?


Rain or shine, the legendary band will revisit fan favorites from the original albums that placed them on the ska-punk and alt music map in addition to unleashing completely new material from their upcoming 2011 album.  Slated to perform with Sublime with Rome are The Dirty Heads and yet to be announced acts.  So if you have the luck to find yourself in Hononlulu this November 19th, leg it on over to insanely exquisite Kaka’ako Beach Park to enjoy one of the most longed-after band reunions in ska-punk history.  The evening promises to be Sublime.