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When Guetta Takes Over 

Tuesday at 1:22PM on November 02, 2010

Newspeak may be a fictional language coined by George Orwell of 1984 fame, but a number of its terms have come to current use for their very aptness in describing various things.  Take the infamous “doubleplusgood,” an exceptionally useful word to point out something pretty splendid and out of this world. Insidious fictitious dominance aside, doubleplusgood is undeniably something this side of fantastic. Kind of like say, when a gorgeously spacious venue meets a class act DJ celebrated the world over. Come November 20th, such two things will collide in the person of David Guetta and the historical Hollywood Palladium theater.


No stranger to EDM fans and anyone who likes to jive to the beat of electro house and dance pop, Guetta has not only shook crowds from one dance floor to the next across  continents, but has also topped charts and gone multi-platinum in addition to working with a lengthy list of acclaimed artists the likes of Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Madonna, Akon and will.i.am.  The past several years have also witnessed the Parisian native win a Grammy, several World Music Awards and get nominated for even more distinctions.


This November, don’t miss the renowned DJ and producer as he prepares to send the art deco-fitted Palladium into shakes and shivers with his infinitely danceable blend of beats and remixes.  This Hollywood landmark has welcomed an impressive roster of musical acts and once again opens its doors to another world act.  Get ready to strap on those dancing shoes and wear some holes in.  Missing out would be a total thoughtcrime.