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The Artist Movement

The Sinful Decadence of Seven 

Tuesday at 12:52PM on October 12, 2010

Candy is sweet but licorice drops and chocolate clamshells don’t satisfy every sweet tooth out there.  Some like their sugar laced with the naughty tang of wicked excitement replete with sinful indulgences of every rainbow shade and flavor Skittles has ever churned out.  For those of you who fall into this latter class, the AM Event Group has got just the confection for you.  On Friday, October 29th, the 5th Annual 7 Deadly Sins Halloween Spectacular makes a grand return for your partying pleasure.
A unique fusion of film, fashion, special effects and incredibly hot guests have made the 7 Deadly Sins a Halloween soiree dripping with glamour and not to be missed for any amount of molten caramel or chocolate dusted truffles.  With taste-making companies representing each of the 7 Deadly Sins, stylists working around the clock to create visions of the most fantastical costumes imaginable, and tune talent the likes of DJ Mike Palmieri, Ty MoHawk and Mixed Reactions, the 5th Annual 7 Deadly Sins Halloween Spectacular will be nothing short of stunning.  Deck yourself in all your creative finery and enter the charming chateau-like elegance of hotspot Green Door or slip next door to the inviting liquid playground of the Cabana Club.  If further exploration calls, the Arclight Hollywood is more than willing to oblige.  This Halloween bash combines the three noteworthy establishments into one giant, rollicking pleasure garden for your partying pleasure.  So leave your inhibitions at home and come ready to celebrate and explore the divinely decadent set of seven sins.  It’ll be sugar and spice and everything nice.