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The Hollywood Roosevelt tickets
The Hollywood Roosevelt

Hot Hauntings At A Hollywood Hotel 

Monday at 1:54PM on October 04, 2010

Contrary to popular belief, hauntings are not always the eyeball-exploding, blood-curdling, terror-injecting occurrences they’re made out to be in the talkies.  Take for example, the historic-cultural Hollywood monument otherwise known as the Roosevelt Hotel.  Besides having the honor of hosting the very first Academy Awards and being the toast of tinsel town, the Roosevelt Hotel boasts a number of living AND ghostly celebrity citings, most notably those of Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift. Be it dancing in the ballroom or playing the bugle down a hallway, the Roosevelt’s ghostly guests are as glamorous as the packs of living ones that have made the hotel the nighttime hotspot that it is today.  And Halloween at this monument is in keeping—spine-tingling in all the right ways.


Come October 30th, Halloween at the Roosevelt takes off with Rad Omen, The EC Twins and Mei Lwun at the helm of a night of spooktacularly sexy thrills.  Transformed into a haunted playground of indulgence, it’s no wonder the Roosevelt Hotel’s Halloween party sells out faster than one can say “trick or treat”.  Not surprising when the drinks flow and the revelers turn out in droves to outdo one another with creative and seriously sexy costumes. Flirtatious bees flitting by a Mario brother quaffing cocktails with a Smurf and Boy Scout by a tantalizingly lit pool can mean only one thing—a memorable night of mad merrymaking and unfettered transformation.  Nab tickets while they’re still available and treat yourself to a truly Hollywood haunting where the ghosts are glam and the phantoms party.