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Love In The Heat Of Summer 

Tuesday at 3:38PM on September 07, 2010

If you’re sad to see the summer go, you aren’t the least bit alone.  The season for sunlit fun, seersucker shorts, swimsuits, and lazy days beached like a whale on the coastline are fast winding down.  One could easily bewail this turn of the seasons like a pastry chef would a deflated soufflé or if you’re of the glass-half-full camp, take it in stride and let the summer go out with nothing short of a stellar bang.  The general agreement is that love makes things bearable and salves those little disappointments and annoyances that have a menacing habit of cropping up now and again to stir us up.  Disappointments like … the end of summer.  Well, to soothe this annoyance, Midnite Events presents its 3rd Annual Summer Love 2010.


On September 18th, it’s time to hit the Estrellita Ballroom and see summer off with some serious love.  Celebrate the last days of 2010’s summer with more than 9 hours of sexy music in a spacious and gorgeous atmosphere.  Spinning the end of summer soundtrack for the evening will be LA Riots, SPL, Dyloot, G.A.M.M.A., B33son, Atom O.N.E., Switchblade, FM Marc, Jon E Qwest, DJ Chipy, House Junkie, Sandwich, BJ Spire, DJ Sammi, and many many more! So if you’re sad to see the summer go, don’t be!  Hit up Summer Love 2010 and take the seasonal change standing up and dancing the night away to a set of raging good beats punctuated by amazing lights in a welcome place.  Let the love see you through.