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Into The Morning Vortex 

Tuesday at 12:14PM on September 07, 2010

Context is one of those strange things that puts things in perspective and decides whether something toes the line of being good, doable or ten toes forward towards head diving into shaky territory of crud.  Not to wax all philosophical but likesay morning is something that takes on more faces than a Mr. Potato Head kit has configurable options depending on context.  Hauling yourself out of bed at 7 in the morning for work or class is not in the league of hauling yourself home at 7 in the morning after a raging night out on the town with good music and even better company.  Waking up to rush out and miss the sunrise is also not the same as being up to enjoy the sun crawling out of its dark nest to bring forth the day.


If you’ve been doing a lot more of the former than the latter, not to worry.  This October 14th, brings a Thursday evening packed to the gills with super prime party action that promises to last till the wee hours of the dawn.  RJ Productions brings back its fresh, new electro musical concert series Into The AM at The Grove of Anaheim this October 14th with scenester-staple Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke, LA Riots, Sound of Stereo and Them Jeans all set to keep partygoers up all night with the evening’s excesses and new forays into sound.  Morning sure looks a heck of a lot better when seen through the rosy eyes of a good night’s rage.  Get your tickets now and get in on the AM action.  The rising sun waits for no one.