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Nocturnal Animals 

Wednesday at 5:29PM on August 11, 2010

Besides Labor Day and National Grandparents’ Day and maybe even the first day of school (for all the book jocks and football nerds), September is a month that has a bit of everything for everyone.  For all the party-mad ravers and EDM fanatics, there is also the epic Insomniac (the very same folks behind Electric Daisy Carnival) driven Nocturnal Festival, which may possibly be better known as the infamous Nocturnal Wonderland in bygone days.  Taking place this year on September 25th at the National Orange Show (NOS) Events Center, Nocturnal Festival celebrates its 16th annual massive Southern California electronic music gathering.

As with past years, expect nothing less than an all-night music and dance binge extravaganza set to satisfy even the most demanding of cravings.  Whether a fresh recruit or a hardened veteran to the EDM circuit, the most entertainment-starved partygoers on the prowl will find a glut of options to feast upon.  Besides talent the likes of Ferry Corsten, Dirty South, Pendulum, Skream!, and plenty more to screech excitedly over while flailing arms to-and-fro, there will also be sicky gnar gnar art installations, lavish sets, visual abstractions, lasers, lights, smoke machines, drum circles, costumed peeps, fire-twirlers, whacked out hoopers, circus style performers and carnival craziness galore.  Not to mention thousands of people hell-bent on having the time of their lives with you.  Sound like a super-concentrated nugget of party goodness?  Without a doubt!

If you’ve scored your tickets already, count yourself one of the wise and utterly triumphant.  For the rest of you, strap on the cleats and beat a retreat to the nearest ticket office.