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Gathering of White 

Monday at 8:45AM on August 02, 2010


Viscerally pure in all its deceptively hueless state, white evokes immaculacy and lightness, a state free from color yet also attainable through the combination of a full spectrum carefully woven from varying intensities.  Whatever it is, white is a paradox of simplicity and complexity, a symbol of unity generated from a stunning mix and palette of numerous elements.  With this in mind, Floorbangrs and Phunk-E Element’s 5th Annual The Gathering: Color of White takes on a whole new shade of meaning.  This August 21st, join The Gathering for a breath-taking event peopled with attendees from all walks of life clothed in one color and united under the common love of stellar beats and insanely danceable music.


Located at Denver, Colorado’s notable Nation Western Complex, The Gathering reels off a plethora of talent the likes of George Acosta, Steve Smooth, Jon Bishop, DJ Item 7 (aka 4mula 7), DJ Venom, Hyperfunk, Shawn Mitiska, Trajikk, Dragon, Lance Phillips, Anomaly, Skye, DSM, Ston-3, Robo, Ghetto, Sevamatic, Pariah, Raptor, Lexi Fay, DJ Raze, J-Rose, Domino Trixter, Mixin Meateo, Bryan James, Disorder, Gunner, Strike, Lee Harris, DJ Kyro, Seamus, and a slew more spread across three rooms of revelry in a night to be characterized by hour upon hour of nonstop madness and landscaped in living, breathing shades of the color white.  In keeping with the theme, The Gathering’s one significant requirement is that all participants come clothed in white. Time to dig out the white duds and get decked out? You bet! Don’t miss out on this spectacular gathering of bright pure PLUR.