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Of Deadmau5 And Men 

Friday at 4:37PM on April 17, 2009

Southern California is no stranger to overt, large-scale mouse worship (just exit Disneyland Lane in Anaheim for proof), and so perhaps it’s not surprising that freaky, oversized-red-mouse-outfit-wearing Toronto, Canada-based progressive house artist/DJ Deadmau5 (pronounced ‘dead mouse') has a particularly rabid fan base in Hollyweird. If you harbor any doubts about the reality of this love then just roll by the Hollywood Palladium on Friday, May 22nd, because Nitrus has thrown together a Deadmau5-showcasing bill (rounded out by sets from Tiefschwarz, Destructo, and Moderat) and odds are 2-1 that all 3500 tickets will vanish with a speed usually only experienced by Miley Cyrus ticket scalpers. Get mad about the Mau5.

The artist currently known as Deadmau5 was born Joel Zimmerman in Ontario, Canada, and originally his moniker was even more warped and weird. He was called “Deadmau5 aka Not So Alive Cat3,” due to a bizarre experience where a mouse crawled into his computer, died, and was located a month later via the unbearable stench emanating from therein. Quirky with a capital K.

His ascendance to dance royalty has come thanks to a number of factors, ranging from his indelible hit singles “Not Exactly” and “Faxing Berlin” (the latter of which made him the best selling artist on Beatport.com) to his 2008 Juno Awards nomination for “Dance Recording Of The Year” to his guest mix on Armin Van Buuren's incredibly high profile “A State Of Trance” radio show (Van Buuren also picked Deadmau5 as “Producer of 2007” in a DJ Mag interview). Hilariously, Deadmau5's debut album is entitled Random Album Title, and will be hitting shelves this fall. Sorry Mickey and Minney, there's a new (and way weirder) Mau5 in town.