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Mushroom Into Mayhem 

Wednesday at 11:24AM on July 14, 2010

Necessity may be the mother of invention but boredom isn’t something to be overlooked when it comes to catalysts of creation.  The year 1996 witnessed a fateful meeting between two young men through a mutual DJ friend that would prove to be astoundingly fruitful and would result in one of the electronic music scene’s most triumphant pairings in way of talent.  In the dull suburb of Haifa (a city in northern Israel) amidst a background of lackluster opportunities, a 16 year old Erez Eisen crossed paths with the older and just-returned-from-national-service Amit Duvdevani (better known as Duvdev). Psy-trance production ensued, the name “Infected Mushroom” adopted and assumed from an already defunct punk band in their homeland and the rest is more or less history.


Fast forward to 2010 and The Music Box in Hollywood.  Infected Mushroom are slated to play another of their progressively mind-blowing sets on July 17th, exercising their diabolical power of driving crowds into wild-ape territory with their envelope pushing sound aesthetic.  In hindsight, it’s hard to believe the classically trained Eisen and Duvdev had trouble getting signed now that they have a roster of seven (and counting) highly lauded albums to their name.  The crowds don’t lie either.  From small parties of hundreds to burgeoning turnouts numbering in the thousands to gracing the stages of notable festivals the like of Coachella and EDC, the now Los Angeles based team have propelled themselves into an enviable position in the EDM ranks and have obtained a much coveted slot on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list besides gaining a loyal fan base.  Check them out this July 17th at the Music Box as they demonstrate the progressive musical chops that have carried them well over the decade and allow yourself to fall under the hypnotic sway of Infected Mushroom’s soundscape.  It’s mayhem in the making.