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Sharam! Kazam! 

Wednesday at 2:52PM on April 15, 2009

Well what do ya know? Just last week the Red Night Club welcomed into its hallowed halls none other than Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia, one half of acclaimed DJ/sound wizard duo Deep Dish. And now here we are, mere days later, and Deep Dish’s other half, Sharam Tayebi, happens to be touring through as well, rocking his own solo circuit. How cozy is that? The date to complete your Deep Dish fixation is Thursday, April 23rd, with doors opening at nine and closing at two AM, as per usual.

Tayebi’s accomplishments in the Grammy-grabbing Deep Dish unit are well documented, and perhaps need no further evaluation. But his vision is as a solo artist is no less precise and funky and intense, and working alone has freed him up to explore every strange sound avenue that strikes his fancy. This is a wonderful thing.

In truth, he’s a bit of a road/plane hog, tirelessly touring both the Americas and abroad, and his work co-running his triad of labels (Deep Dish Records, Yoshitoshi, and Shinichi) ensures that there’s never a free (or dull) moment on his calendar. Which is just how Tayebi likes it. So roll out to Red this Thursday and keep him on his toes – odds are good you’ll be on yours as well, out on the dance floor.