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Sublevel Independence 

Monday at 5:06PM on June 21, 2010

Despite numerous and colorful examples to the contrary, time does make things better now and again, rendering what previously seemed like insurmountable and unthinkable shifts in popular, accepted opinion moot with the passing of seasons.  Change, it does happen.  And in hindsight, we sometimes wonder why they didn’t happen earlier than they did.  If there is any doubt about this, turn that doubtful eye to Sublevel’s forthcoming July 3rd shindig.


Perhaps the nub and subtleties of the matter elude you but do take a seat and a moment to ponder.  The back story goes some two hundred plus years ago, a fledgling collection of colonies—13 of them to be exact—banded together and put it out there that they were no longer part of the British Empire.  By gum the colonies had had it with Great Britain and thought it high time to establish their independence and say, “No dice!” to the English.  Creating something of a stir, the declaration worked and with it, the USA was officially up and running since.  The many impassioned scuffles to get there aside, today no one in either the US or the UK so much as bats an eye over the matter.  In fact, as a true testament to the powers of time, the countries are rather chummy and instead of the power struggles of yesteryear, we now have the infinitely nicer results of being able to enjoy the many good things both spots on the map have to offer.


So back to Sublevel’s July 3rd celebration.  What we have here is a solid offering of some of the states’ as well as the UK’s best DJ acts joining forces to make Independence Day weekend 2010 one of the most memorable for those who care to have themselves a darn good time.  The legendary Doc Martin (US), the superb sound smiths Audiojack (UK) along with Keith Evan, Dusty Carter and Marty Q get friendly together to feed your ears with top notch beats and your stomach with some nom-worthy BBQ.  It’s 12 solid hours of serious good times at a location to be announced the day of the event.  Take this opportunity to get down with world class talent and celebrate the change that changed two nations!  See you July 3rd!