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BOMBSHELL photos tickets

Denver CO - Photographer/ Owner

WELCOME to the BOMBSHELLphotos page. Where you can find yo face in the crowd, Photos of freinds, and memories of partying hard! If you are interested in other photography other than events, feel free to check out My Myspace page at www.myspace.com/bombshellphotos. If you would like to have me at your event or if you would like a personal shoot, please send me a message with the details. I am very honored to shoot for GROOVE TICKETS and Fla.Vor.Us. I had a grreat oportunity to be the only Groovetickets.com photogrpher in CO. I want to show the world how MASSIVE/ CrAzY/ Beautiful and VAST the CO scene really is... people have been saying for years how bangin the CO scene is , BUT LETS SHOW 'EM! ~BRIT

Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 

Thursday at 4:09PM on June 17, 2010

So my thoughts on this particular event: It was very rainy and very muddy but twards the end of the nigh people were going all woodstock style so it was definatly a good time. The L.E.D systems they had going at this one were amazing! I definatly hope to see more set ups like that. I have no idea why the main stage was outside in the rain... if they specificaly wanted it to be outdoors I would have preferred for it to have more covering at least. Every one didnt let the rain spoil they're fun tho. So many characters out and I have to say the Dancers and Performers were on top of their game... Great job ladies and Gentlemen! Carnival rides were a big plus for all the rollie kids, it looked like every one was having a great time, although I was a little worried about a giant electrical explosion or something in all that standing water.lol. I met so many people who were just thrilled to be there. The music kicked so much ass! kill the noise was spectacular and Benny Benassi sets have been amazing me more and more. The Crowd just goes wild for him! and ATB? One of the Nicest DJ's I've met and if you werent dancin your ass off to his set, you must have been dead.lol. all and all I was very pleased with this event minus the rain, and i cant wait to see all of you at the next event! Stay Tuned!