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Feel The Squeeze 

Monday at 9:41PM on June 07, 2010


When nature talks, we listen. The reason being, nature knows what it's all about and for those of us want to make it pass the tadpole stages, it’s in our best interests to take heed.  Ever wonder why we’re fixated on things being fresh?  Sure you can eat a moldy apple, read fusty, crumbling books, and wallow around in sewage but isn’t it infinitely more preferable to dabble with things that don’t make you recoil in automatic horror and disgust?  Fresh is good because fresh as an idea and ideal embodies values such as progress, successful development, hope and mostly importantly, the perpetuation of life.  Like an errant fly is drawn to the sugar-laced donut, so we are drawn to the state of fresh.


Being hard-coded for the raw, the novel, the brisk and bracing invigoration of the very latest, new music and constantly improving events become absolutely irresistible to us.  Not to say a bit of familiarity hurts. Freshness and security in partnership make for a most potent and persuasive combo. If you’re cocking an eyebrow with doubt, look no further than the Fresh Squeezed Music Festival 2010 to quell them!  Having been around a goodly while now, Fresh Entertainment’s Fresh Squeezed Music Festival gives festival goers the iron clad dependability of an event that is guaranteed to be well, bursting with freshness.  Be it new and stimulating music, lightshows and visuals, or themes to explore, Fresh Squeezed has got the lot of them tightly packed for your maximum enjoyment.


This July 10th, at El Monte Events Center, get your fresh on with Super8/Tab, Daniel Kandi, Cyberpunkers, Doorly, Virus Syndicate, JDX, Original Sin, Tommie Sunshine, Limewax, Scooter Lavelle, Bird Peterson and a slew of others at Fresh Squeezed 2010.  There’s no time like the present to dust off and get with the program.  Feel the squeeze.