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Roughin’ It With Rusko 

Wednesday at 2:00PM on April 15, 2009


Nitrus is known for bringing a lot of wild times to the City Of Angels, and for that task the citizenry will be forever grateful. Still though, even high expectations didn’t foresee dubstep pioneer/loose cannon Rusko rolling into Lot 613 in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 11th surrounded by a coterie of the city’s finest. Time to mobilize the troops, cancel prior engagements, jam some push-ups to raise stamina, etc. This is gonna be real. Doors open at ten PM, close at three AM, and the night’s entertainment is available to anyone 18 or older with a valid ID. The line-up as it stands currently is: Rusko (featuring Rod Azlan), Skeet Skeet, Destructo, 12th Planet, and Tony K. Ok?

Rusko (aka Christopher Mercer) was born in Leeds, UK in ’85 to a highly musical family, so from day one onwards the boy was surrounded by a menagerie of sound-making toys, gadgets, and magic. Soon after graduating from Leeds University with a degree in music Rusko stumbled on to the hidden world of dubstep, and was instantly addicted. Sub Dub, Iration Steppas, Digital Mystikz, etc – all played a formative role in his developing aesthetic. Naturally, the next step was a relocation to London town.

Once there his sound evolved into a high energy, fun-oriented take on dubstep, which turned the local scene upside down and won him an immediate foothold in the musical community. His track “Cockney Thug” in particular caught on and has been spun by everyone from Pete Tong to Diplo to Santogold. His ascent to the top is still in progress though, and his sound is still very much evolving and improving. But a chance to witness to young Rusko riling up a crowd in an intimate setting is not one to pass on lightly. Lord knows he’ll bring his A game, all the way across the Atlantic. The least you can do is bring a greasy 20-dollar bill from Echo Park.