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Floorbangrs tickets


Lazer Nation 

Monday at 12:43PM on April 13, 2009


Most of our clocked-in Groovetickets hours are spent exhorting you and your entourage to partake in night life activities of a largely sonic nature; we lean more towards sound than sight, obviously. But the Denver wrecking crews of Floorbangrs and Phunk-E-Elements are teaming together to flip our wig, and split the bill equally between ear candy and eye candy. Prepare for sensory overload. On Saturday, May 9th they’ve organized a little something called Lazer Nation 2 (a sequel to last year’s party of the same name) and, in short, without hyperbole, it’s the single largest EDM lazer show in Denver, Colorodo. Period. Also worth mentioning: they’ve roped in a few dozen of the planet’s most killing-est DJs for a night that’ll burn holes in your ears, eyes, and any other open orifice you bring into this banging 4500 capacity TBA venue. More? It’s all ages. It runs from six PM to four AM. It is a nation of lazers.

So what exactly takes place in this U.N.-recognized country of neon lazers? Well the following people are on board to spin the soundtrack to your dreams: Matt Darey, dance music living legend Frankie Bones, Noise Floor Crew (with Angel Alanis, Lady Foursquare, Local Hero), Trash Yourself, Groovetickets’ own DJ Item 7, DJ Venom (hot off his “Straight Bangin’ 4” Tour), DJ Fetish Dolly, Trajikk, Dragon, Technical Endeavor, XLR8, DJ Split, MLE, Ms Vicious, Sevamatic, Decibel, Blingfaced (featuring Soleil and DJ Ishe), Smash Brothers, Wolfe, Skye, Audius, DJ DSM, DJ Anomaly, DJ Robo, Tatsu, DJ Fuze, DJ Gysyn, DJ Ghetto, DJ Digga, Disorder, D.F3CT, DJ CI5C0, and Licious-D. It’s an army, not a line-up.

Now that we’ve covered what you will hear with your ears, let’s turn to the other celebrity presence: lazers. The visuals will be handled by the same dudes who helped realize lazer shows for arena rock staples like Pink Floyd and motherfreaking Led Zeppelin, so quality assurance is a big duh. There will allegedly be nearly 16 million multi-color lazers blazing wild 3D images and manic color; in short, this is something you gotta see with your own two eyes. There will also be: the requisite vendor village with cool glow-in-the-dark stuff and candy jewelry, stilt walkers, face/body painting, dancers, massage tables, photo booths, etc. Oh, and did we mention the 16 million lazers? Ok good.