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Revelus Events

Reboot & Reset 

Tuesday at 12:32PM on April 13, 2010

In the hurly-burly of the modern age of technological innovation and attention spans lasting about as long as the lifecycle of the newest novelty and fad (not long), the idea of a reset button for life certainly offers a lot of attractions.  For those swept up in the overwhelming tide of achievement and responsibilities, imagine the relief a reset button could provide.  One push and away it all goes.  Better yet, for the jaded sufferers of ennui who just can’t find anything to get excited over anymore since everything has just been done and done to death, one tap of the button would automagically return things to that time in life when one could still be enthralled and thrilled over everything because of its very mysterious newness.


Wouldn’t it be oh-so-nice to feel the rush of going to that first massive or anticipate that big party scene you’ve only heard about till now?  And then go and get that itch of curiosity scratched?  Darn straight it would!  Well guess what?  The reset button you can press on whim hasn’t been invented yet but ambitious Reset Events is on a mission to reboot the party experience and pump some new stimulation through the veins of the staid music festival scene.



This June 5th, San Diego Sports Arena lays the ground open to welcome the Reset Music Festival.  Get set to renew your views on festival revelry set to the tune of Bassnectar, A-Trak, Hatiras, 12th Planet, Hot Mouth and much, much more.  When the party going gets “meh”, it’s time to hit Refresh!