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Motive Events

Dial 420 For A Good Time 

Saturday at 4:41PM on April 17, 2010

Forget 411, you don’t need to call information to know where to go this April 24th, ‘cause Motive Events has dialed in the only number you need on your calendar—420.  That’s right, on April 24th, the 3rd Annual 420 Festival 2010 is back and packing entertainment vengeance so fierce, weak-of-heart party goers had better watch out.  Held on the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds, get set to tie on the hardiest comfort shoes you’ve got on hand to explore what will be seven full-staged and themed areas laid out to blow your mind out of its cerebral waters.


The four music arenas—Field of Dreams, Sound Soul Gardens, Electric Arena, and Bass Dome—have bass-bumping world talent booked up the wazoo.  Ever hear of Netherlands’ very own power duo of trance Rank 1?  They’re one of many at The 420 Festival where ShowTek, David Lewis, Marcus Schossow, Swedish Egil, Michael Myers, Tydi, Cedric Gervais, Richard Vission, Starkillers, DJ Reza, Paul Ahi, Mark Lewis, DJ Dan, Spencer & Hill, Jelo, Hot Mouth, Evol Intent, John B, AK 1200 and a slew of others will join them to set the fairgrounds booming on maximum with their beats.



And not to make your eyes jealous of your ears, visual candy is lined up to slather the dazzling sight of Super Cr3w’s fancy footwork b-boy antics along with stunning interactive installations by Do Lab and the luminous performance of the Lucent Dossier Experience right onto those unblinking blinders.  Stellar beats, imagination, tribal fervor and carnival rides—The 420 Festival’s got it all in spades.  No need to think twice, the 24th’s all about the 420!