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SKILLS tickets

SKILLS is synonymous with the best electronic music events in Northern California since 1997. Whether it be a 300 person party or a 20,000 plus massive, Skills guarantees quality world class talent with unbelievable productions. Skills events have continued to draw more people from all over North America and worldwide.

If You're Going to San Francisco 

Thursday at 10:19PM on April 23, 2009

We've always had a soft spot for the Bay Area beat masters at Skills.  Twelve years of bringing epic bashes with wall-to-wall talent earns you a little thing we call "cred", but the mind-scrambling jaw-dropping lineup for this years installment of ETD POP on Saturday, May 23rd virtually guarantees this will be one of the most unforgettable events of the year, nay, the century. Surround yourself with 20,000+ simliarly ecstatic folks soon to be your best friends and soak in the state-of-the-art sound 'n lighting Skills has generously lent the Cowpalace for this very occasion.  Scope the lineup, clear out your busy party schedule, and most importantly, secure a ticket before other lucky souls snatch 'em all up. 

The masterminds at Skills have always brought in the big guns (like Tiesto last year and Infected Mushroom in 2007) but this year they may have just outdone themselves yet again. Brace yourself for our extensive tour of the lineup, starting in the ETD FUSED zone with top-notch talent: PAUL VAN DYK, FERRY CORSTEN, DEADMAU5, SANDER VAN DOORN, BLAKE JARRELL, and DEEP VOICES.  That alone would be a pretty unreal little shindig, but we're just getting started.  In the FOUR ON THE FLOOR our kind promoters have brought in DERRICK CARTER
.  This may be a good time to grab a seat.  In the ANALOG EMULATIONS zone you'll be treated to FREELAND Live, LA RIOTS, FLOSSTRADAMUS, FELIX CARTAL, N.A.S.A., and ALEX METRIC. Insanimanium!


Finally (I'm out of breath), in the BASSDRUM HAPPY locale we've got BRISK, HIXXY, ROBBIE LONG, RE-CON, S3RL, MC STORM, and MC CASPER.  You may be feeling lightheaded, but act quickly.  ETD Pop is rapidly approaching and inspired minds around the globe are readying themselves for a night of epic bliss.