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SMOG tickets

los angeles dubstep


Smog Step 

Thursday at 5:58PM on March 18, 2010

There's a reason older people harbor a slew of complaints when it comes to young folks.  Real or imagined, you can likely chalk up some of the charges to some subconscious smidgen of wistful envy—mainly envy for days long gone and a youth that can't be recaptured.  'Cause no matter what anyone says, it's pretty darn nice to be young and carefree and best of all, spot on with what's hot and seriously of the moment.  Forget about the mortgage, the nagging spouse and the ungrateful kids that just don’t appreciate how hard you’re working to keep them fed—the only thing you should be worrying about at this period of your youthful life is how to enjoy it to the very fullest.  Make hay while the sun shines so the saying goes, and your sun is shining seriously bright right about now.


Being young and on top of all things credible in the party scene, it comes as no surprise that you’ve likely heard of Los Angeles’ very own dynamic dubstep darlings SMOG.  Having caught the fickle hearts of the young and jaded (no small feat mind you!) party set, the bass-thumping crew is all set to invade Miami in conjunction with local kindred speaker-spirit Basshead.  Get ready to wear down those collector’s edition one-of-a-kind sneakers come March 25, 2010 at the seriously hip White Room in Miami, when Smog vs. Basshead come to town, speakers blaring with rhythm and beats to spare.  Dance floor mavens will be rejoicing to the gritty, raw sounds of Mary Anne Hobbs, Skream, Plastician, 12th Planet, Excision + Datsik, and a crew of other dubstep maestros.  Embrace your youthful energy and get funky fresh in Florida.  There’s no time like the present.