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Go Ventures

a place where miracles happen

Since 1992 GO Ventures has continually produced successful events, club nights and Festivals in America. Pioneer's of the RAvE/ Dance Music Culture in southern California and recognized trendsetters of the DJ /electronic music scene globally. Still Privately&nbsp;owned and operated by its founder&nbsp;REZA GERAMI (DJ REZA) never stops gaining notoriety, respect and praise for creating some of the largest attended and most loved&nbsp;Annual Dance music festivals&nbsp;in US history like The Love Festival, Together As One, Monster Massive &amp; SATURDAY NIGHT SESSIONS.&nbsp;<br>Www.NewYearsEveLA.com<br>Www.GOVentures.com<br>Www.SaturdayNightSessions.com<br><br>"music is our scriptures, dancing is our practice and love is the key" has been there message from day one.&nbsp;<br><br>

Session Break 

Wednesday at 4:24PM on March 17, 2010

With the Winter Music Conference (WMC) just a stone’s throw away, anyone who’s got anything to do with electronic music is nothing short of excited, the sort of excited that sets seats squirming with an anticipatory enthusiasm rivaling the zest of a nectar-gathering hummingbird.  And why wouldn’t it?  After all, the long-running WMC is where the who’s who of the bumping electronic music scene hobnob and exchange notes on what sorts of tunes will rock the air waves in the year to come.  Buzzing creativity aside, one of the crown jewels of the event is the resulting spate of participant-thrown parties and festivities.  Go VenturesSaturday Night Sessions is one of the elite gatherings on the top of the party bus roll call.


The host behind two years of über exclusive Miami mansion parties Go VenturesSaturday Night Sessions WMC edition has easily breezed itself past a host of other shindigs to prime status in a few short years.  Not a complete surprise considering this is the good-time genius factory behind infamously longstanding massives the likes of Monster Massive and major city-spanning The Love Festival series.  Taking place this March 27th, Saturday Night Sessions WMC hits one of South Beach’s newest and sizzlingly wild nightlife additions—Karma.


Featuring state of the art everything, be it sound system, space, décor or food, Karma is just the spot to house seat-shaking talent Antoine Clamaran, Junior Sanchez, Harry Choo Choo Romero, DJ Reza, Junior C, Bear Who?, Mark Lewis, Swedish Egil, Paul Ahi and a host of others (including a surprise guest headliner) for Saturday Night Sessions WMC 2010.  Worked up like a hummingbird who hit the nectar jackpot yet?  Get your tickets while you can and start working on those rusty dance moves.  After all, a prime party calls for some seriously prime moves.