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Unlock ‘N Roll 

Friday at 12:12PM on March 13, 2009

Everybody with a brain in their head and a basic dial-up modem has long been familiar with the heroic actions undertaken by LA undergrounders Sublevel Music in birthing, rearing, and supporting live music events in Southern California, so it's always a bit of a case of stating the obvious to report on their exciting new happenings. But call us Captain Obvious, here it is anyway: the Sublevel crew is pitching an incredibly special situation entitled Unlock Your Mind 2009 on Saturday, April 4th at a TBA spot in LA, and the general thesis of the entertainment is that the one and only Doc Martin will be jamming one of his legendary eight hour sets. That's your cue to break out the wallet and begin furiously clicking on ‘Buy It Now' buttons. He'll be supported by Blakkat (Shaboom), and capacity is finite for this once-in-a-blue-moon occasion. Move like you mean it.

Very few doctors – medical, house music-based, or otherwise – require less of an introduction than Mr. Doc Martin. The Los Angeles DJ prodigy is renowned for his incomparable grooves from Bali to Burbank, and there's a reason why: the guys slays. Since first erupting out of the mid-80s San Francisco neo-disco golden age, Martin has stayed several beats ahead of the pack, incorporating new influences and technologies with the skillful intuition of a lifelong craftsman. Which is what he is.

The novelty of Martin's fame wore off about a decade ago, but there's still a rare energy in the air when he returns to his hometown to hold court in the way he knows best: marathon dance parties. This one kicks off at eleven AM and rolls till seven in the dawn, so sleep good the night before, dance till there's holes in your Uggs, then go grab breakfast. And at some point during this grand journey through music, love, time, and beer, please remember to unlock your mind (the party name on the flyer should serve as an easy reminder).