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The Massive Spectacular tickets
The Massive Spectacular

An Epic Stage Production!

One night only!

Nothing Short of Spectacular 

Monday at 3:49PM on February 15, 2010

If you’re already sitting stably in a firm seat, good.  If not, slink yourself into a chair this very minute and clutch on to the back or arms.  Thing is, this is big news.  Well, big news for those of you out there who enjoys yourself some lithesome and highly-skilled undulating midriffs, graceful limb-action, and comely beauties.  Chewing your nails down to the nubbins yet in high anticipation?  What I’m rabbiting on about is the be all and end all of belly dancing magnificence a goodly radius around—The Massive Spectacular!  In what will be a stage performance nothing short of epic, belly dancing divas of the highest order gather together with a multitude of established performance artists to weave enchantments around your eyes till they’re crossed in pleasure from all the mesmerizing movements. 


On March 4th at a prompt 7 PM, The Tribal Massive unfurls its arsenal of bewitchingly breathtaking dancers and performers at The Massive Spectacular in the Railhead inside Boulder Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  In just the sort of unique performance to knock your jaded socks off, lovelies the likes of Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Heather Stants, UNMATA, Mira Betz, Aradia, Sacha, LAVA, Daughters of Durga, Kashmir Dance Co., Ah Ya Helu, Amira, and Tabu coalesce for one magical evening to pour sweet, sweet candy into your eyes.  Watch this one of a kind production where the highly-talented ladies astound you with their graceful feats and illustrate the amazing dexterity and adroitness of the human form.  If you’re not champing at the bit to run on home afterwards to do your stretches in animated imitation, you’ll at least be wildly entertained.  Three words of advice—DON’T MISS THIS.