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When the Giving Is Good 

Sunday at 2:34PM on February 14, 2010

The pursuit of feeling good can be achieved through a multitude of avenues.  Self-indulgent forms are immediately gratifying but highly unsustainable whereas those methods that aren’t expediently apparent result in beefier feelings of satisfaction.  Want to achieve ecstatic feelings of doing your little part in helping out your fellow beings?  How about doing good to the tune of gettin’ down and gettin’ groovy?  Responding to the overwhelming response of its first Give Back event, Midnite Events is bringing back Give Back for 2010 on March 6th at the humbly elegant Estrellita Ballroom.


At $11 a pop for presale tickets, this is one event that is seriously hard to beat—easy on the pocketbook, heavy on the talent and a real doozy in the Good Samaritan department.  While the night away working up a dance-induced sweat to world class headliners and local favorites such as Tommie Sunshine, Mike Balance, Dyloot, DJ Denise, G.A.M.M.A., Blix Cannon, B33son, Switchblade, Andy P, Adam Ant, Atom O.N.E., Jeff Thompson, Luke Skye, Jon E Qwest, DJ Chipy, Tim Manas, RDG, Spaceman Spiff, and a troop of other beat-slingers.  The idea is to beat out last year’s contributions and bleeding hearts while duplicating the fun to match.  Sift through the pantry and nip off with two (minimum) or more cans of unexpired and edible foodstuff the day of to bring along to the party.  What better way of having a good time than knowing you pushed a little positivity along with other like-minded folks?  Whoever sneered at fun being irresponsible just has no idea what’s up.  Feel the love and give a little.