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Beyond the Dark Side of Wonderland 

Friday at 12:28PM on February 12, 2010

Quality speaks for itself and the memorable, it will not be forgotten easily.  Classics persist, surviving the passage of time through constant reinvention and undergoing creative permutations to sail through the annals of time.  Case in point, Wonderland.  The stuff of fantasies, stories and songs galore, Wonderland has inspired much fancy and fired up as many imaginations to match.  Little surprise then that Insomniac’s party of the same handle met with such raging success and a similar history of reinvention.  From its very inception, Nocturnal Wonderland came and Nocturnal Wonderland conquered.  With its colorful twists on logic and madcap adventures, Wonderland aligns perfectly to the aesthetics of a great party and in a whirlwind of whimsy, has once again doffed its current hat for another of an entirely different bend—Beyond Wonderland.


As Nocturnal Wonderland glided through the years, it found itself plumbing the depths of the darker end of the woods and making its way through the deep warrens to explore the enigmatic mysteries shaded in the unfathomable realm.  Now, the forested tunnel whorls itself to a light at the end and a portal to the boundaries of Wonderland has materialized.  Insomniac has led us through Wonderland and its nocturnal marvels; now, it guides us further to explore what lies beyond the familiar terrain.  From the dusky nebulous the road winds out to what looks to be a kaleidoscopically vivid new path.  To send you on your way will be the enrapturing sounds of Paul van Dyk, Groove Armada, Sander Kleinenberg, Sander Van Doorn, Chrisopher Lawrence and a legion more of groove virtuosos.  This March 20th, the white rabbit resurfaces at the NOS Events Center to steer you to a side of Wonderland yet unseen.  You’d do best to follow his lead.