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Kid Infinity

Thanks for listening fuckers.

The origin of Kid Infinity is vague. Maybe they emerged from an interplanetary vortex, or from a rebellious childhood in the Midwest, or from a purple haze of sensory inspiration. Wherever they hailed from, now they find themselves at the crux of the LA underground. Though firm believers in DIY, Kid Infinity never compromise their desire for polish and precision. The electronic duo throw a mix of hip hop, dance punk, and heavy rock into a blender and out comes a sound all their own. Still, it’s difficult to define a group that defy convention and employ a multi-disciplinary approach to art and performance. Kid Infinity bridge not only musical genres but also numerous art forms into one seamless mind-bending experience – exploring all realms of visual and aural expression. Their energetic and at times anthemic party music loaded with hooks is entirely addictive and reaches a new level through the inclusion of completely DIY film, and progressive technology. With dynamic vocals and mind altering instrumentation, all we really know of Kid Infinity is that they dare to pioneer the evolution of electronic sound and to abstract the definition of performance art as we all know it.

To Infinity & Beyond 

Friday at 12:03PM on February 12, 2010

If you’ve ever been out partying in L.A., dollars to donuts that at some point, you’ve likely heard the petulant whine of someone going, “L.A. sucks.  There’s like, nothing here to do and only those stupid Hollywood parties.”  For those in the know, it usually makes sense to hold your tongue and just slink out when the opportunity presents itself, all the while basking in the knowledge that there are a ton of great parties—underground and otherwise—just waiting around the bend.  Case in point, PYCO at Downtown Independent come February 26th.


First and foremost, the Downtown Independent being the venue signals a good start.  Inviting, comfortable, understatedly modern and impeccable in its choice of entertainment (indie flicks and chillaxin’ DJs anyone?), it’s the sort of spot locals keep mum about so unwitting visitors won’t insert themselves and harsh the place’s mellow.  And the night’s stimulation?  An act straight from the maelstrom of L.A.’s cultural underground—Kid Infinity (a.k.a. Ryan Pardeiro and Nathan Huber).  Playfully insolent, with a sound that reflects the city from which it was spawned, Kid Infinity’s grooves are brisk and colorful and infinitely danceable.  Watch the cheeky duo get down with additional performances by Signals, Verbs, and Batwings Catwings set to the visual projections of Michael Allen and surrounded by art installations via Elijah Crampton and The Imps of Marge and Fletch.  It’s a night of insouciant frenzy out-of-towners only wish they knew about.  Roll on in to downtown and get your kicks on in true Angeleno style.