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Beats 'n Beets 

Wednesday at 5:26PM on February 17, 2010

Dream big.  It's worked for the party professors at HARD, with their events selling out venues and perfecting the practice of production.  It's also worked for electro duo Bloody Beetroots, who've dominated the last three years with music they define as "no-holds-barred experimentation".  Bloody Beetroots have graced the HARD stage before and completely ruled the room, and if you are lucky enough to snag a ticket for April 24th at the Palladium in Hollywood, you can experience it for yourself . 

For those not in the know, Bloody Beetroots is the brainchild of Italian master Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, whose musical mind has been fine-tuned in every genre from classical to punk (with a heavy dosage of samples, electronic music, and intense beats).  Crashing onto the scene in 2006, Bloody Beetroots were signed to Steve Aoki's US label Dim Mak in 2007.  Having stormed the globe with live and DJ performances, Bloody Beetroots keep their eyes on the horizon (underneath their trademark Venom masks), putting together complete media releases that include fashion, cinema, and literature (and of course heavy, HARD, music).

Joined by the aforementioned Steve Aoki and fellow artists Rifoki (live debut!), Syndey Samson and Destructo, Bloody Beetroots play live at the Hollywood Palladium for the first time.  The good folks at HARD always remember to bring along a state-of-the-art sound system and lighting, and only ask that you bring yourself and a serious hunger for some slamming music (and of course, a ticket).  Be there for the beats, be there for the Beetroots.