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Marching To The Beat of Tiësto’s Drum 

Saturday at 1:48PM on February 13, 2010

The evolution from Tijs Michiel Verwest to Tiësto has been something well worth noting.  Count yourself especially lucky if you had the fortune to be there from the very beginning to see the emergence of one of today’s most illustrious and adeptly talented masters of language.  Not one in the traditional sense of the spoken word, rather, one that has worked for years before turntables, translating a universally known and understandable language that speaks with melodies and beats—that of music.  Music that invades, music that draws out, music that quite frankly, persuades each individual touched to move.  Tiësto to trance has become what Coke has been to soda.  In a world full of uncertainties and all manner of strife, the ability to elevate people beyond the cocoons of confusion (if only momentarily) and bridge all manner of gaps is astoundingly remarkable.  It has always been Tiësto’s aim to “share his music with others” and in so doing, he has since gone beyond that to achieve so much more.
From humble beginnings slinging beats at school parties that worked up to residencies as a club DJ, Tiësto honed his production craft steadily with his eye fixed on playing the next set up.  Founding Black Hole Recordings with Arny Bink in 1997 proved key to the avalanche of fame to follow.  With a slew of hits and now trance classics resulting from the partnership, Tiësto has since leapt his way up the electronic dance music landscape without once looking back.  A sold-out stadium, the Olympics, and official ambassador for Dance4Life were only a few of the many accolades to follow.  Now once again, he is ready to share his love of music with the world.  With a tour mapped out around the globe, Tiësto is set and ready to weave the melodic magic that has moved crowds to euphoric bliss.  For those fans and uninitiated in the U.S., catch him on March 27th at The Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey or Schlitterbahn Waterpark in South Padre Island, Texas.  There’s no time like the present to feel the spell of Tiësto’s transcendence.