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Kaskade tickets

Kaskading Places 

Sunday at 2:29PM on March 15, 2009

Few might have pegged record-shop-employee-turned-DJ-hopeful Kaskade (aka Ryan Raddon) as one of those rising, jet-setting stars-to-be. His story does awfully mellow. But then there's the actual fact of his damn music, and it throws all the pegging, guessing, bet-hedging, and head-scratching into the latrine. The guy has been on a tear of late, spinning all over the place and working his rear off. And Thursday, April 2nd the savvy dogs at GIANT OC have roped him in at their Red Nightclub spot in Newport Beach, and a grand time will certifiably be had by all. Why wait to hear about it second hand, when you could be in the front row, living it in real time?

Raddon's tale (for those of you who haven't heard it before) begins in a humble place of business called Mechanized Records, situated in the un-techno town of Salt Lake City, UT. Granted, he was only there to go to college, but the love of music he learned there coaxed him to the Bay, where he landed a small gig with trance powerhouse Om Records. And then, in that subtle yet plain way that changes the world every day in quiet, appreciable ways, Raddon had a revelation: he should be making music, not just attempting to sell it for other people. A light bulb somewhere lit up, brightly.

What to do next? Drop a sick single of course. Then? Check your email. There will be hundreds of offers to spin in amazing clubs and earn huge piles of cash. Raddon clicked ‘reply,' responded in the affirmative, and started making bacon. In 2004 he dropped a full-length, In The Moment, which marked the moment of the first Kaskade Top 10 single, an exciting watermark in any musician's life. But excitement climbed a whole hell of a lot higher when Ultra Records offered him a contract. Suddenly the world was his oyster, not just his fried oysters, and he reacted accordingly. Come check his set at Red, you'll see living proof of how the journey from A to B can be cool and collected. Flow with this flow-er