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Double Felix 

Sunday at 2:28PM on March 15, 2009

That freaky feline of far-fetched mischief known in Toontown (and the rest of the real world) as Felix The Cat has a particularly close relationship with Los Angeles. After all, it was thanks to Hollywood that his early animated serials caught on so big, and LA also boasts perhaps the single largest car dealership named and themed around the character (it's right near USC). And, of course, a while back ravers decided he was trippy and grabbed him as a mascot for their parties (they hijacked the Cat In The Hat way back in the early 90s, remember?). Therefore, we give you Felix The Cat 3. It's the third annual installment of Sweet City LA's Felix-oriented dance bonanza, taking place Saturday, March 28th at a TBA downtown spot and loaded to the whiskers with rad catnip and playthings. Come purr all night long.

Room One is a real treat, specially curated by Sweet City LA, starring: Kelly Trance (the name says it all), Jason Blakemore, Used & Abused, Jason Splat, Otis Whiterock, DJ Tigger, Audrey Napoleon, Anthera & Flash, Disk Jo Slim, John Phillips, and Sequencer. This one will keep you on your feet all night. Not to mention Room Two, which is far from shabby, being hosted by D&B Sessions, with audio courtesy of CRS? & APX-1, Clutch, DJ Item 7, Hypnotik, Kitsch, Ketek, Alexander, J'Sin, Meanstreak, and Gabbernaut. No rest for the wicked.

What else? Well if you purchase a pre-sale ticket to the party (online, or at a ticket location) you'll get a sweet – and totally free – Felix The Cat's Magic Bag Of Tricks when you enter the party. As for what's inside the bag, can't say, perhaps cat's got our tongue? But overall expect a stunning journey through a cartoon atmosphere with props, videos, toys, lights, all relating to the black-and-white furr ball from the silver screen. In Sweet City LA's words: “We will take you on a voyage into the mind, sound, and imagination of FELIX THE CAT.” The cat's outta the bag. Doors open at seven.