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Eternal Awakening 

Wednesday at 1:10PM on January 13, 2010

Close your conscious mind and cut ties with all the modern anchors of reality—a new dimension of adventure awaits in a realm of infinite possibilities.  Open your eyes, your ears and your dancing spirit to take part in the saga that is the Awakening.  On Saturday, February 20th, the glorious Hollywood Palladium will throw open its doors to welcome one and all to Insomniac’s cabalistic mélange of celebration.


 Allow your senses and being to be gripped in the fever of the ancient, enraptured by the spell of the past and roused with the mysteries of the future.  The high priests of sound presiding over this temple of dance will be none other than the highly-ranked DJ ATB and internationally popular trance band of Infected Mushroom.  Hailing from Germany and Israel respectively, ATB currently occupies the 11th slot on DJ Magazine’s ranking and the 4th slot for DJ List’s world list, while Infected Mushroom finds itself right underneath at 12th place for DJ Mag.  One thing’s for sure, both acts have garnered a wide following around the world with their impressive skills in the art of pushing adoring crowds to primal madness.


Enter the immortal kingdom of the transformed Palladium and immerse yourself in the hum and throb of ancient secrets.  With its new dance floor, improved infrastructure and venue-wide upgrades, the site is pitch-perfect for hosting the iridescent rhythmic journey that is about to unfold.  So come gather with kindred spirits to channel the power of music and return to the age-old wisdom of divine dance.  Awaken to a different consciousness.