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MELODIC tickets

Melodic - Every Wednesday @ Ecco

Melodic is the best night in house music in Los Angeles. Every Wednesday please join us at ECCO (1640 N. Cahuenga Blvd) where one of the best sound systems on the West coast lives. For more information please visit www.clubmelodic.com

Mark Up The Melodic 

Sunday at 3:36AM on January 03, 2010

Birthdays are kind of a big deal, especially if it’s that very first one that marks initial survival and inspires hope for many more such marks to follow.  Is it any wonder then, that ingénue house music heavy-hitter Melodic of ECCO Hollywood has more than enough reason to celebrate its very first anniversary?  Being the appreciative and more than grateful upstanding citizens that they are, the folks behind the event are beaming with exuberant goodwill with an added dose of healthy excitement that January 27th signals their one year anniversary. And guess what?  None of it would have been possible without their staunch supporters and the house music connoisseurs milling about Los Angeles that are you (here’s your cue to bask in the glow of well-meaning and congenial thankfulness).

Who then is more perfect to raise the celebration to a quivering crescendo and bring down the venue with proper style than the eminent poster child of house music that is Mark Farina? It may be oxymoronical to describe veteran melody-maker Farina’s music as intensely ambient but make no mistake—there is nothing contradictory in the stripped down sound and infinitely danceable grooves that are Farina’s signature specialty.

Wednesday may very well be a school night, but to dodge out of Melodic’s 1 Year Anniversary at ECCO on the 27th will be absolutely unthinkable if not short of criminal for anyone that prizes his or her allegiance to house.  The thing to do is clear, whip out the party hats and lay your mitts on some silly string—there’s a birthday to celebrate and the party sure won’t be complete until you slink on over to help blow those candles on the cake.