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Floorbangrs tickets


Turn on the Bright Lights 

Wednesday at 9:41AM on December 09, 2009

Keeping the dream alive comes Glo 6, from Denver party wizards Floorbangrs and Phunk-E-Element.  Coming soon to a TBA venue, Glo 6 will set the tone for 2011 and bring together top talent, world class production, and hordes of beautiful, dancing revelers.  Get a ticket, get illuminated, go Glo.

The venue may be undisclosed, but the talent is not.  Decking the halls with brain bashing beats are W & W, Steve SmoothJon BishopReid SpeedBarry WeaverMichael MyersDJ VenomTrajikkDragonManufactured Superstars, ALAN ENDORFUN, Joman and more.  Of course, Glo 6 will also play host to the local DJ heroes making the Colorado scene one of the freshest in the nation.  State of the art lighting and effects will raise the bar for epic productions in the Mile High City.