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The Hollywood Roosevelt tickets
The Hollywood Roosevelt

For the Glamorous & Svelte, NYE at the Roosevelt 

Saturday at 12:07PM on December 12, 2009

Subsiding on Top Ramen and practicing the art of frugality may have been 2009’s highest priorities out of sheer necessity, perhaps even habits well worth a reprise for the up and coming 2010.  Yet all parsimony and no play is, well, downright dull and as uninspiring as they come.  Maybe that month long vacation to the Bahamas is very much out of the question these days, but look on the bright side, the Tropicana Pool Bar is still very much within reach.  That is, the Roosevelt Hotel’s very own Tropicana Bar, an urban oasis sprinkled with chaise lounges nestled within palm trees and discreet bungalows attached to one of Hollywood’s oldest and most insouciantly glamorous hotels itself.


On December 31st, The Roosevelt Hotel with Home:Made Events at the helm, unfurls its doors and carpets for their 5th Annual NYE Bash to ring in the New Year with glitz and glamour to spare.  The celebration encompasses the entire hotel property, opening up the Tropicana Pool, the Blossom Ballroom, the Historic Hotel Lobby in addition to the hundreds of hotel suites within to one and all who come.  Surprises are lined up for the evening (the Aqua Lilies and water ballet anyone?) in addition to the skilled spinning of turntable greats the likes of DJ Grandmaster Flash, the EC Twins, Mei Lwun, Compression Crew, and Zack Hill to turn out the perfect soundtrack to what is set to be a perfect evening.  Lounge lizards and glamour pusses get your tickets early and look forward to a dazzling evening of slinging back cocktails, lounging beauties and champagne-fueled toasts to what will hopefully be a year that looks up and above.  If you’re feeling flush, don’t forget to nab a room.  Word is, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars when the bubbly hits home.  Here’s to 2010!