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Sublevel Exploration 2010 

Saturday at 12:03AM on October 31, 2009

The not so secret word on the street for December 31st is … CELEBRATION!  So Y2K is officially entering the ten-year marker and making that leap towards double digits.  But besides that, Sublevel’s 8th birthday is right around the bend, and if that’s two reasons short of snapping on the party hats and whipping out the party favors, then this sort of celebration is not for the likes of you.  For the rest of you all set to get whacked-out happy and tight with the program, December 31st is going to be off the hizzay!!!  The music is calling and all dancetronauts are to report for boogie duty P-R-O-N-T-O.

Like a little surprise with your carousing?  Nothing like the sweet smack of secrecy to add that extra zing to the celebration?  Consistent in their venue inconsistency as usual, Sublevel’s party venue is shrouded in secrecy. Like the subterranean culture ninjas that they are, don’t expect the venue’s unveiling till the very evening of the event.  What is public knowledge though, is that anyone who’s up to find out and who nabs their tickets ahead of time to the Sublevel Space Explorer 8 Year Anniversary and New Year’s Eve extravaganza will get complimentary champagne to toast to and a copy of the Sublevel Explorer 8YR CD gratis before the clock ticks to midnight. 

Three more reasons to attend—Doc Martin, Steve Loria and Tony Powell.  Impeccable house and electronic music to send you on your way to space?  Bring on the rockets and let’s party like it’s 2010!