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Kaleidoscope Vision 

Sunday at 3:08PM on November 15, 2009

There is such a thing existing that is worse than failure.  It is success.  Perhaps “worse” is not the right word for it so much as “crippling expectations.”  With failure, you fall, hit rock bottom and from there on, there is no way to go but back up again.  But with success, you go up, and if the laws of nature haven’t changed their minds, a stomach-lurching plummet inevitably awaits.  With each new success, the bar is raised, the stakes are upped and the anticipated fall, that much more steep.  Yet here is Tiësto holding out strong and seemingly defying the very laws of gravity.


Undisputedly a top five DJ in the global dance music terrain for too many years to count, since his teenage forays into turntable territory, Tiësto hasn’t turned back. The advent of Y2K saw the beginning of his meteoric rise to fame and from then on, he has thus far managed to keep surpassing the high levels of expectations that comes with the territory.  October 2009 marks the release of his fourth studio album Kaleidoscope and an accompanying tour of the same name.  Like any success that has withstood the test of time, Tiësto has kept scaling peaks with each release and finding new ones to traverse before the inevitable drop is even in sight.  The aptly-titled Kaleidoscope is no exception as it explores new territory and talent culled by the Netherlands’ dance music super talent.


This November 25th, 26th and 28th, Insomniac opens up The Shrine Auditorium so L.A. can horn into the madness that is a Tiësto event.  For anyone who’s attempted attendance of a Tiësto performance in the near past, the three days are absolutely necessary to accommodate the massive turnout.  Time to strap on the winged shoes and make a fleet-footed dash over to the ticket office.  These tickets will be gone in no time flat and you don’t want to take your chances landing fakes from some dodgy scalper and end up outside bawling while everyone else files past you to experience the soaring euphoria that is Tiësto.