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MELODIC tickets

Melodic - Every Wednesday @ Ecco

Melodic is the best night in house music in Los Angeles. Every Wednesday please join us at ECCO (1640 N. Cahuenga Blvd) where one of the best sound systems on the West coast lives. For more information please visit www.clubmelodic.com

Those FEELGOOD Vibes 

Wednesday at 11:16AM on November 11, 2009

Names are more than a handle to put on something so that you don’t just call everything “it,” “that,” or “thingamajiggy”.  In many cases names are useful in giving you the lay of the land and setting expectations and even getting people to beam smiles on you when you can put their face to the right one on the rare occasion when you randomly run into them at 7-Eleven for that 3 A.M. milk run.  That being said, for the expectation angle, when you’ve got a name like “Feelgood,” that’s a tall order to fill ‘cause a name like that is just promising all sorts of groovy, funk-tastic feelings of the very finest.  So it’s a darn good thing that remix maestro Charles Feelgood lives up to the designation and then some.


With over two successful decades of record slinging good times under his belt, the now legendary Feelgood is not only responsible for flowering the EDM scene in Baltimore/Washington DC eons ago, he’s globe-trotted the international dance landscape moving people and parties with his very own stamp of funky electro, house, techno and disco grooves.  Intense and infinitely danceable, Melodic has lost no time in snagging Feelgood to get the party started at the Ecco this upcoming November 4th.  Slink by to see the master at work as he moves the floor with his ghetto retro house set.  Rounding out the night are the lovely Tara Brooks and the double-trouble special of the EC Twins.  So come out to play on a school night and do yourself the favor of remembering that name—Feelgood!