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BAMP Project tickets
BAMP Project

Exclamation Point x3 

Thursday at 4:43PM on September 17, 2009

The Loft in Honolulu is a hot place in paradise.  Hawaiians with an ear for experimental punk-funk might want to snatch up a golden (Groove)ticket for November 17th now, for the might !!! are coming to town.  Brought to the island by the BAMP project, you would be wise to witness their wizardry.

For a band with a name more confusing that the Hawaiian state motto ("Ua mau ke ea o ka aina I ka pono" - if you didn't already know) !!!  officially formed at one of the famously ultra-hot, all-night Sacramento, CA dance parties. Combining disco covers without the kitsch with loud, propulsive noise, !!! provide a full on pleasure assault.  With eight members, the influences expand the room for experimentation and bring truly mindblowing sounds.  The !!! symbol was chosen, rather than a conventional band name, because it reflects the excitement shared by the band members, mixed with an intense desire to shake things up.

This is a hot ticket for a hot night of hot music (basically, it's totally hot).  Experience the sonics for yourself on November 17th - you will be a believer.