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das bunker tickets
das bunker

Industrial Discotech

Sacred Covenant 

Thursday at 4:40PM on September 17, 2009

You should not be neglecting your Friday nights.  Set the tone for your weekend with some ripping Industrial dance music.  You've waiting all week: this is no time to sit at home in front of the tube like a veggie.  Das Bunker takes over The Catch One in Los Angeles every Friday, and demands your attention. There are three dance floors, three full bars, two lounges and a smoking patio. Das Bunker DJs play everything from Industrial dance and EBM to PowerNoize.  Especially noteworthy is Das Bunker 13: Covenant on October 16th.


Das Bunker recently celebrated it’s twelfth anniversary. For the past twelve years Das Bunker has been the soul of Industrial music in Los Angeles. It began as a small club night specializing in obscure industrial and noise bands, but it rapidly developed a cult following that allowed it to grow to the industrial giant that it is today.

Descending on The Catch One for Das Bunker 13 is Covenant, treating revelers to their Swedish brand of Ebm/Electro.  Needless to say the Swedes are Sweet.  Additional beats are provided by Architect vs Marching Dynamics for a special Hymen Records Showcase set.  Be wise and pick up a ticket ahead of time.  You do not want to anger the Friday Gods.