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MELODIC tickets

Melodic - Every Wednesday @ Ecco

Melodic is the best night in house music in Los Angeles. Every Wednesday please join us at ECCO (1640 N. Cahuenga Blvd) where one of the best sound systems on the West coast lives. For more information please visit www.clubmelodic.com

Good for the Body, Better for the SOUL 

Sunday at 12:39PM on September 13, 2009

Parties come and parties go, but there are those select handfuls of parties that just stay on and gain legendary status along the way.  The decade plus and ongoing Body & SOUL is just such a one.  There might have been a few forgettable parties in all the years, but on the most part, ask anyone who’s ever been and the answer is more likely than not eyes that go misty with good times remembered followed by gusty sighs of contentment.  A beloved and long-standing house party staple in the NYC club scene, Body & SOUL returns to the West Coast on Saturday, October 3rd for a rare visit at the House of Blues on Sunset Strip.


A little back story―Body & SOUL featuring the talents of François K. (a.k.a. François Kevorkian), Danny Krivit and JoaquinJoeClaussell, is a nomadic party that transcends age, sex, color, and social disposition.  With resident DJs that are each heavyweights in the DJ/remixer/producer/record label owner arenas, this is one of NYC’s most colorful and memorable parties.  Characterized by informality, a mercurial list of musical talent and genres, and the uniting themes of love of music, positive attitudes and spiritual connection, Body & SOUL is an event that is ultimately beautiful, hauntingly soulful and infinitely danceable.


Think of it as a house party that got too big and started moving around so that everyone could stop in at some point to have their bit of fun. Leg it on over to the House of Blues to experience for yourself the harmonious diversity that is Body & SOUL.  Deep, soulful satisfaction awaits.